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The late Dwight Barnes founded Mr.  B’s Chocolates in 1987 with a winning  recipe of premium products, relentless  work ethic, and incomparable personal  service. Mr. B’s Chocolates are small-batch crafted daily in our Minnesota shop using  the finest ingredients: raw chocolate  from Belgium, cocoa butter from France,  homemade marzipan, cream and  butter from Minnesota. 

Our master chocolatiers have perfected the very same time-honored process handed down through generations in  Belgium. No shortcuts. No machines. No  exceptions. It’s cliché but there is no better way to  describe our chocolates than simply  ‘melt in your mouth’! Some say ‘velvety  smooth’ and we’d say that’s accurate too. 

Try them and see for yourself how Mr. B’s  Chocolates delivers premium chocolate  that’s perfectly tasteful.

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